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2019: Made LEMONY SNICKET’S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS read like a romantic comedy.

Diabolical start which served as a rehearsal for something far worse.

54 years to the day Mum last came out of hospital as an inpatient, she was disrupted from home treatment to return. Among other things, medical records show she contracted hospital-acquired pneumonia, while respiration failure seems linked to fluid overload withdrawing water tablets (also angina/BP medicines). Investigation underway.

I visited Mum four times in the Chapel of Rest ahead of the funeral where I delivered a tribute which, along with photos and her favourite music, served as a celebration of her life.

Two weeks later came the delightful discovery of over 100 love letters Mum wrote Dad and the revelation they met through the Ashley Marriage Bureau in Manchester.

Undertook probate and land registry.

Gave a Presentation on Ken Dodd.

Summarily, I have been as – if not more – upset than I imagined, but have needed to cope better than I thought.

2010s (2010-2019)

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The 2010s (2010-2019): Graduate from the University of Central Lancashire with a first-class degree in Film/TV Screenwriting.

Publish on Amazon & get an audio drama produced.

Write articles on DR. WHO for Northern Lights Astrological Society’s ICARUS magazine (every edition this decade), together with Presentations on the actors who played the role in the 60s & 70s.

Also RECENTLY DEPARTED celebrities, which leads me to deliver a tribute to Mum at her funeral this year.


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To my caring kind lovely Mum – who worked as a tailoress.

She went back into hospital as an in-patient (April 10 2019) 54 years to the day she last came out.

Mum died on Easter Saturday.


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Robin gives examples of the first segment in a script:

Introductory scenes in movies and his own work.

Recorded Saturday March 9 2019.


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Robin discusses how he likes to keep a link with whatever season he’s writing in…

Recorded New Year’s Day 2019.


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To collaborating musician Mark Vartok.

Photo Credit: Left – Norbert Vartok / Right – Caroline Svensson for ARKAD.


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Happy New Year – also the 8th Day of Christmas! Let’s take all the positives of 2018 into 2019!

As we’re at the beginning of a New Year, here’s some photos from my beginning. A few were seen last year, but most of these are being seen for the first time.

Of course, black & white Brownie cameras were being used in the 70s & beyond. Indeed, black and white is back in fashion.


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Musical collaboration – Mark Vartok; marking 20 years since Dad’s death (pic 4); 3 Presentations at Northern Lights Astrological Society – Roger Moore, Robert Vaughn & Tom Baker with thanks to Kathy Rowan, Kevin Rowan-Drewitt & Co; at the Gym.




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Because my father was in his 40s when I was born and his father also older when he was born, I can say that – even though I’am not old – my grandfather (John Robert Calvert, from Knaresborough) fought on the battlefields of the Somme & Passchendaele 100 years ago.

Some know-it-all history teacher tried to ridicule me in the classroom – until I explained to him.

Although my grandfather survived, he suffered gas poisoning. I always think that contributed to my asthma. Passed on through the genes.

Here’s to all those who died and suffered in the World Wars, largely because of deranged egomaniacs.


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A book, a presentation, a script, a format & pilot, six articles and a musical.

Photos Copyright Robin Calvert, BBC & Christina Zhou.

DR. WHO – OCTOBER 7 2018.

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On Christmas Day 2017, TV history was made when the First & Twelfth incarnations of DR. WHO paved the way for the 13th – the first female in the programme’s 55 year history: Jodie Whittaker.

Jodie comes from Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire – not too far from where I was born in Wakefield, then lived in Pontefract until the age of 15. DR. WHO is now based in Sheffield, Yorkshire – and returned on October 7, my Dad’s birthday. I’m sure he would have been thrilled.

I’ve seen the first episode of the 13th female Doctor – THE WOMAN WHO FELL TO EARTH – live and was struck by how different and new it felt to previous seasons. For one thing, it’s rooted in the real world – even more so than the Earthbound Jon Pertwee (1970-1974), or Christopher Eccleston (2005)/David Tennant (2005-2010) – and I have always felt stories set on Earth resonate better with the general public. This is new head writer Chris Chibnall’s (BROADCHURCH) reboot, a jumping on point for viewers old and new. Hopefully, the increasingly convoluted timey-wimey plots of recent years (the same mistake DR. WHO made in the 20th Century) have gone.

The first third – setting up all the new characters & Doctor – was excellent. Too early to say what the new Doctor will be like exactly, but Jodie was fast-paced and held her ground. She actually fitted her predecessor’s outfit rather well. Photos of the new clothes have been appearing since November 2017, when this series started filming.

Congratulations to new composer Segun Akinola for returning the DR. WHO Theme to it’s 60s & 70s roots, with an emphasis on the haunting middle-eight. Ditto the End Titles by DNEG. I can’t comment on the Opening Titles or TARDIS – because they haven’t been seen yet. In both cases, this helped absorb the viewer in this new version, new world of DR. WHO & I look forward to the rest of the 2018 Series.


Photos Copyright BBC & Radio Times.




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The Autumn edition of ICARUS includes an article from me on JOHN NATHAN-TURNER (aka JNT) who – with 5 planets in Leo (showbusiness) – was the longest-running Producer of DR. WHO, throughout the 1980s. Where fandom was concerned, he was as big a star as any of the Doctors he cast.

In the early 80s, JNT was brought in to do new things with the series. He was supported by the BBC and received warmly by the fans.

In the late 80s, new figures at the BBC put DR. WHO on ice for various reasons unconfined to content – and the narrative of an ailing show became a self-fulfilling prophecy (Sun/Saturn/Pluto square Jupiter).

JNT’s stated ambition to become Controller BBC1 came to nought and his story has a tragic end, in 2002, before the programme’s renaissance.

Yet his input as promoter overseas, encouraging a burgeoning fandom, laid the seeds of the global brand the series would become (Mars & Uranus in Gemini). Certainly, all subsequent producer/showrunners (Segal, Davies, Moffat) have implemented JNT’s accessible media-savvy approach.

UCLAN: 2008-2011

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