I enjoyed the DR. WHO 2017 (Series 10, 36 in all) Season Finale so much I need to see both episodes again next Saturday.

The two Masters were deliciously evil towards the Doctor and Bill – and to each other.  They do away with each other, though clearly Simm was busy arranging his changeover into Gomez.

dw 2017 12

Dialogue about the Time Lords not being fussed about changing sex and the Master turning into a woman (“is the future all girl?”) have led many to suspect that – contrary to some reports – the new Doctor WILL be a woman.  After all, if the Master can do it, why not the Doctor?

The fact Bill (Pearl Mackie) was turned into a Cyberman, effectively died to become a spirit in the ether with Heather (incidentally Bill Hartnell’s wife was called Heather) ONLY MAKES IT MORE LIKELY THAT BILL POTTS WILL RETURN, her atoms reassembled (as mentioned) & BECOME THE NEW DR. WHO.

All this “she’s going after one season before Chibnall takes over” is a smokescreen.  She is the new Dr. Who and many will welcome her back with open arms.  Place your bets tomorrow, as I certainly am, because you heard it here first.

I’ve suspected she was going to take over from Capaldi since April.  I have very strong intuitions.  I knew my mother was making a mistake throwing Typhoo tea packets in the bin (1968) because I instinctively knew there were collectable cards inside.  Needless to say, I was right!

In 1966, the TARDIS was on the South Pole and the Doctor met the original cloth-faced Cybermen for the first and only previous time, before he regenerated (THE TENTH PLANET).  So when the original cloth-faced Cybermen returned and the TARDIS was seen to land on the South Pole again, with rumours David Bradley (who played Hartnell in AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE & TIME, 2013) was returning, I was glad to the heart.  Bradley is marvellous as Hartnell/First Doctor.

dw 2017 12 2

But there’s more to it than a 50 year reprise, or Moffatt’s swansong.  Think about it.  When Hartnell struggled through the snow to the TARDIS and regenerated into another man, no one was expecting it.  It had never been done before.  Now he’s back with the 12th consecutive (& last?) male Doctor in awhile – Peter Capaldi – guiding him and the viewing public to accept the inevitable.

dw 2017 4c

And that is the next DR. WHO is a woman.  And it is Pearl Mackie, whose character and “atoms” of Bill will therefore be given new life.

dw2017 2

Congratulate me when I’m proved right.