DR. WHO – OCTOBER 7 2018.



On Christmas Day 2017, TV history was made when the First & Twelfth incarnations of DR. WHO paved the way for the 13th – the first female in the programme’s 55 year history: Jodie Whittaker.

Jodie comes from Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire – not too far from where I was born in Wakefield, then lived in Pontefract until the age of 15. DR. WHO is now based in Sheffield, Yorkshire – and returned on October 7, my Dad’s birthday. I’m sure he would have been thrilled.

I’ve seen the first episode of the 13th female Doctor – THE WOMAN WHO FELL TO EARTH – live and was struck by how different and new it felt to previous seasons. For one thing, it’s rooted in the real world – even more so than the Earthbound Jon Pertwee (1970-1974), or Christopher Eccleston (2005)/David Tennant (2005-2010) – and I have always felt stories set on Earth resonate better with the general public. This is new head writer Chris Chibnall’s (BROADCHURCH) reboot, a jumping on point for viewers old and new. Hopefully, the increasingly convoluted timey-wimey plots of recent years (the same mistake DR. WHO made in the 20th Century) have gone.

The first third – setting up all the new characters & Doctor – was excellent. Too early to say what the new Doctor will be like exactly, but Jodie was fast-paced and held her ground. She actually fitted her predecessor’s outfit rather well. Photos of the new clothes have been appearing since November 2017, when this series started filming.

Congratulations to new composer Segun Akinola for returning the DR. WHO Theme to it’s 60s & 70s roots, with an emphasis on the haunting middle-eight. Ditto the End Titles by DNEG. I can’t comment on the Opening Titles or TARDIS – because they haven’t been seen yet. In both cases, this helped absorb the viewer in this new version, new world of DR. WHO & I look forward to the rest of the 2018 Series.


Photos Copyright BBC & Radio Times.