DR. WHO: SOLAR RETURNS VOL 3 (1975-1981)

DR. WHO: SOLAR RETURNS VOL 3 (1975-1981) coming to Amazon this week.

THIS ONE DR WHO SOLAR RETURNS VOL 3 (1975 1981) - (JUL 1 2017) 4

A series by series evaluation of the highly popular Tom Baker years of DR. WHO, which were divided into three phases:
Gothic Horror (1974-1977) – Philip Hinchcliffe & Robert Holmes.
Fantastical whimsy (1977-1980) – Graham Williams, Anthony Read & Douglas Adams.
New Broom ‘Real’ Science (1980-1981) – John Nathan-Turner & Christopher H. Bidmead.
With astrological analysis of the programme’s natal/progressed & transiting + Solar Return charts.


Originally published in Northern Lights Astrological Society’s ICARUS magazine (2014-2017).

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