shutterstock_73951021  NETN.E.T. is everywhere and nowhere. It recognises no borders, nor accepts any allegiance, except to it's own self(Count Fernandez).

N.E.T. began life as T.I.G.H.T.R.O.P.E. came into being. The antithesis, the anti-force, but with parallels between the two organisations.

The secret location of N.E.T. HQ is a man-made alp in neutral moneyed Switzerland. Sensors in the rocks - like alga bacteria or broccoli stalks - activate search engines to verify DNA prints of visitors. The rock-face slides upwards, granting access.

Sombre atmosphere of hidden menace, with mosaics and paintings, which dont reflect any particular religion, philosophy or nationality. The base doesnt advertise it's primary function.

N.E.T. operations are divided into three clearly-defined stages:-




to cut down on middle-management bureaucracy. New concepts are determined by world outlook and the state of play with existing operations. N.E.T. deals in anything and everything designed to upset the status quo, as opposed to T.I.G.H.T.R.O.P.E., whose mission statement is to maintain it. N.E.T. have plants in all Western security agencies. This gives them their first inkling of T.I.G.H.T.R.O.P.E.

The Count is truly proud of the scope of his criminal organisation, which contains one "cultural attaché" from every major extremist faction in the world. Therefore, he has to be careful which Senators to invite to any one review, which always close with this (deliberate) misquote from Sir. Francis of Assisi:-

Where there is harmony, let there be discord.

Where there is credit, let there be debt.

Where there is hope, let there be fear.

Where there is T.I.G.H.T.R.O.P.E., let there be N.E.T.