Ryan Vanguard


AKA: COMBATANTshutterstock_119715703 VANGUARD








Good-looking American 20-something, born in San Francisco.

Mother moved to London some time ago. The teenage Ryan pulled away from street gangs, before turning to motor-car racing.

Vanguard served in Northern Ireland as a private, then Kosevo wherein promoted to Lance Corporal, Iraq ranked Lieutenant and Captain in Afghanistan. Lost a toe in Bora Bora on a landmine going in all guns blazing, first in front, true to name. After that, he recognized he sometimes needed to take a step back. Headstrong and occasionally reckless, this will never come easily to him.

Set up Frontline Investigations, which his years as a soldier and experience behind the wheelenables him to pull off most successfully as he specialises in retrieving wanted people as a bounty hunter.

Quick mental processes threaten to burn Vanguard out, so seeks to reconcile this with the inner karma of a Tibetan monk.

Reputation as a playboy, but theres more to Vanguard than that. Only his ex Sheri doesn't think so, quits her job as his pa and accepts an approach by The Overseer to set him up.

Vanguard is good at clearing out people and situations that are past their sell-by date. While he enjoys an abrasive collaboration with Dramascus, he is determined to turn the tables on The Overseer and elude his contract with T.I.G.H.T.R.O.P.E. This will present the ultimate challenge, since he will be remain obliged to fulfill the terms of a five-year span.