Five years to the day we began the Recently Departed Chart Nights came Ladies Night – on Zoom.

Three ladies who sadly died in 2019, yet we can celebrate their lives.

Doreen Spooner was Britain’s first female staff photographer, who bagged the 1950 News Picture of the Year, Christine & Mandy during the summer of 1963, together with a Who’s Who of both celebrity & major news events in a career spanning from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Doreen was born of the unconventional sign Aquarius, with Jupiter (fortune) & Uranus (media) conjunct in the first degrees of enterprising Aries.

Doris Day: America’s answer to Vera Lynn, at the close of war. A perfectly clear singing star who made an effortless transition to Hollywood movie star. For two decades she topped box-office – whether in musicals, romantic comedies or full-bloodied dramas. Some of her films are worthy time capsules of mid 20th Century womanhood. Her TV series is fondly remembered, although not her personal reasons for doing it.

Doris was a light and bright Aries. A perfect dream woman, yet with all kinds of torment going on in her personal life, not least the way certain men in her life managed her financial affairs. She had a powerful career (Pluto in the 10th house), but square her Sun in the 7th house of partnerships in tense aspect to Jupiter (fortune) – which resided in her opposite sign – this was for some time in the hands of others. Her son Terry had a narrow escape from Charles Manson.

After a stint as a TV interviewer, Doris withdrew from showbusiness in the 1980s, though continued to be decorated with awards. Even in the 90s & 21st Century, new recordings of her singing voice could outsell anyone else. Latterly, Doris Day devoted herself to animal activism, through which she would also like to be remembered.

Sheila Mercier traded in a long career on stage to form the bedrock (Capricorn Sun) of EMMERDALE FARM. From the 1970s to the 2000s, her characterisation of Annie Sugden was fair, but wouldn’t suffer fools gladly. In its depiction of the ongoing Sugden family and other characters, EMMERDALE now vies with CORONATION STREET & EASTENDERS.

It was a pleasure to explore the life, times & astrological charts of photographer Doreen (who died the same day Mum died), singer/actress/animal activist Doris (who died the day of Mum’s funeral) & Sheila (who we watched for years).

Many thanks to all who tuned in.

Photo Copyright Doreen Spooner/Daily Mirror, Hollywood Press & ITV.